Good morning; it’s nice to meet you.

Hi. It’s currently 12:22 a.m. and I’ve never been happier that I currently have Wednesdays off than I am right now. I spent most of the night writing because I write best at night and sometimes I wish I could break that habit. I also wish I could learn to break the habit of having coffee at night when I write.

For those of you who don’t know too much about me – Hi. I’m Hayley, let’s be friends. I’m 26, I live on a dairy farm in Glenmont, Ohio with my Husband and our dog and cats. I love; Writing, Reading, Cooking, Baking, Tom Petty, chocolate cherries, boating, and wine. Since I was a kid I wanted to write, so I did. I wrote anything I could at any time I could. I wrote songs, made up menus, made magazines and newspapers, kept a journal, wrote letters, and even spent a good chunk of my preteen years studying ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics so I could write in them. (That last thing is a phase that I am glad that passed.)

So that leads us to now…now after years and years of pouring my heart and soul into writing, I published my first novel in a series of 3. I decided to create this bog to keep up with people who read it, to answer questions on characters, preview chapters from the sequel, and possibly throw together some giveaways and fun things.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet tonight because I did spend my day at work and I know if I don’t get some kind of sleep tonight, I’ll waste my entire day off tomorrow and be a grouch.

I hope that if you have had a chance to check out or even read Hide and Seek Her that you enjoyed it. It’s been an amazing experience thus far and I can’t wait to give you all more.

Within the coming days I’ll be in touch with you all via this blog. I want to get to know you all just as much as I hope you want to get to know me.

See you all very soon!


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