It’s Summer

First off – Happy SUMMER.

I don’t care that the “official” first day of summer isn’t until later this month. The temperature is up, the grass needs mowed, I’m wearing shorts, so it’s summer.

A couple of THINGS I really want to touch base on.

1. A HUGE thanks goes out to all the wonderful people who have read and reviewed or are reading and reviewing the book. I’ve met some amazing bloggers and instabloggers throughout this whole process and the fact that people actually want to read and review this means the world to me. I’ve got two lovely ladies I need to thank for their posts and reviews on Instagram and goodreads. Laura aka @elbebooks on Instagram was one of the very first people I reached out to and sent a book to. My reason for this was simple – she has a great taste in books, I’ve gained a huge chunk of reading material from her books, and she’s honest. You can check out her review on Goodreads and her Instagram page. You can also learn about some great books from her. Yashira, aka @literatureparadise also recently received a copy and I cannot wait to hear her thoughts. She made some pretty awesome edits for Laura throughout her reading process. It’s so amazing to see how other’s perceive your characters, but it’s rewarding when they look like I envisioned they would look when I created them. I’ve got some amazing ladies who just received their books to review – Kelly over at Kelly’s Book Spill, check her out on youtube and Nadine and Nookish Book Review on youtube, both were kind enough to let me send a copy. I hope they enjoy it!

2. Thank you to all the local friends, family members, or complete strangers who have bought my book and are so supportive. It means more than you know!

3. There’s an AWESOME giveaway going on over at Goodreads! Now through June 14th, you can enter to win a killer prize pack from me, including a personalized copy of “Hide and Seek Her”. Get to it by visiting my author page and then clicking on the book. Find me and add me at

4. Local Yocals – there is a “Wine and Sign” in the works for the first part of July. Details to follow as soon as they are finalized, but there will be a wine tasting and a book signing in Millersburg, Ohio! I will have books for purchase at the signing as well! Details to follow soon!

Congrats to the winners of the Instagram and Facebook Memorial Day contest! Kisha, Casie, Brandie, and Deanna were the winners and I hope that they all enjoy the book and fall in love with the characters!

More posts will be headed your way soon! Until then, hop on over to Goodreads to enter the contest (members only)!




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