(Sun)day. Sequels and my deep thoughts on stealing.

I wrote and edited chapter of “Finders” outside today. Reason #768 I love warm weather.

Hi, how are you all doing?

I really feel bad about not blogging sooner but when I sit down to write, I only work on one thing right now and I haven’t been able to pull myself away from it until now. I need a little break, I think I’m getting too involved. I’m looking over my shoulder half expecting to see Jackson standing there and I’m pretty sure I almost called someone Riley. Shit. Hashtag InTooDeep?

For those of you who live nearby, the “Wine and Sign” is scheduled for Wednesday, July 1st from 4 to 7 at Rodhe’s in Millersburg, Ohio! I’m super excited for this, one because of the awesome wines that you’re going to get to taste and two because I love meeting or seeing people who have read or are reading Hide and Seek Her  and have questions or comments on it.

If you haven’t already, hop on over to my Facebook page and “like” it. Once I get 500 likes, I’m doing another drawing and one lucky winner will get a gift package from me! You can visit the page here

Onto other things;

Recently I’ve come across some things in the literature community that strike a nerve within me. Any writer or author will tell you how tough it is to write a book. Maybe this is my own perspective but for me I didn’t sit down with the intention of creating a series and then just go with it. I sat down because I felt that I had this deep connection with a fabricated character in my head and I needed to tell her story because she couldn’t. I spent six years, six LONG years trying to get her story right. There were months of time in which I couldn’t physically look at the computer without wanting to delete everything and say to hell with it, but in the end I always came back to it. As a writer, inspiration comes from all over the place. I personally find much of my inspiration in certain song lyrics. It may be a sentence as small as “If you really think that you can stomach me” but it can evolve into a chapter or two of a tale. (That lyric is from the song “Every Other Freckle” by Alt-J and I highly urge you to listen to it. That specific lyric inspired much of the creation of Jackson Greene.) I also take inspiration from certain things I’ve walked across in life, events that have happened, or things I’ve seen. Inspiration comes in all forms, as a writer you may inspire someone else to create their own work, you should take it as a compliment that your words touched someone enough to tell their own story.

There is inspiration and then their is full on plagiarism.

I’m not writing this as a target to one specific case of plagiarism, I’m just speaking of it as a whole. It happens. It sucks. One, I feel bad for the Author whose work was stolen. Taking a quote from an Author and giving them credit on it is okay. I cannot stress this enough. Certain authors have certain quotes that have a deep connection to my heart. I would never take that quote, morph it a little and then pass it off as my own though. ALWAYS GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE.

Two, a small part of me feels bad for the thief. The one who stole the words and tried to pass them off as their own. I can imagine the intentions may have been good. Maybe the writer took inspiration from that specific story and just didn’t put enough of his/her own words into it. Maybe everything is purely based on coincidence, but more than likely it’s not.

If you’re going to be a writer and immerse yourself into something then make sure you OWN it and make sure that you’re willing to cut yourself open and pour your true words out and not someone else’s. If you do take a quote from someone or something, credit it. Don’t pass words off as your own. No one’s going to think less of you if you share a quote and share the person’s name who said it. They’ll think less of  you if you’re caught in the act later trying to pass another’s thoughts off as your own.

Why am I touching base on this now? Because it happens. It happens more than it should. It’s happened since the creation of language, since the creation of books. It SUCKS that it happens and that people have to be sneaky. I cannot imagine how I would feel if I spent years draining myself of a story only to have it be shredded apart and certain aspects changed to pass it off as a morphed version of the original.

Sure, coincidences DO happen. Some stories may read alike or sound like, some stories may remind you of another. That really happens, too. But when you have chapter upon chapter of words that are basically the same minus certain nouns or verbs, it’s heart breaking. It’s painful for all parties involved.

Be inspired by other works of art, take that inspiration and ROLL with it. Please, please, please credit it. Please write from your soul, not another person’s open book.

I just felt the need to touch base on it because I’ve stumbled across so many cases of it recently. Be kind. Be thoughtful.Be inspired, but don’t be a thief.

Onto a happier subject…what am I currently reading? I started Grey because duh, why wouldn’t I read it? I enjoyed the first half but after a while it becomes redundant as most stories written from another character’s perspective do. I’m ot saying it’s bad,it’s not. I just have a hard time re-reading a story and going through the motions all over again from just another person’s view. I’m a very fast reader and I tend to skim if I am uninterested. I started skimming so I put it down and figured I’d come back to it later.

I picked up an old book, Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd because I really love old books that have had a huge impact and still have an impact on today’s literature and writing style.

I also have a VERY large TBR list I’d like to start, but I find that when I am writing I can’t do both. I can’t successfully read a book when I’m on a twelve hour writing binge. It’s one or the other, and right now, it’s writing that I’ve been sticking to.

I hope to see you at the Wine and Sign if you’re able to make it! I would love to answer any questions and sign your book!

Enjoy your Sunday, enjoy your week,happy reading.



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