And it’s time to take a moment…

Hello and Happy almost Birthday America

Wow, that’s probably the best way to sum up the last month.

I need to start this off by saying that I have never felt more anxiety, stress, joy, and nervousness at one time; and I’ve also never felt more alive.

June seems like a blur to me and I am okay with that. At the start of the month I listed a Goodreads giveaway and sent copies of the book out to people to read. I also decided to be part of a local “Wine and Sign” on July 1st, I looked into several book fairs for the 2015/2016 year and submitted my info, contacted several bloggers, set up a Preferred Reader program, and completed all of this in the wee hours of the morning as I work full time for a dentist. I used to need at least six hours of sleep, now I’ve learned to function properly on three. In the middle of June, I wrote and edited most of Finders Keep Her and I’m so proud of it. I am also beyond excited to get it out there. It’s just a little bit deeper for me. It’s the heart of the series and I love it.

Now that June is over and we have entered July I feel like I can finally breathe.

My “Wine and Sign” was held at Rodhe’s in Millersburg last night and I’m so incredibly humbled and moved by the people of our community that I could cry. I met so many amazing people, I received some great words of wisdom and I was moved by the support from friends and strangers. I cannot stress this enough; local art whether it be music, food, paintings, WHATEVER it is, it needs to be supported by the community. It should be shared regardless of the nature of its roots. Art is just that and if you live in a small community, wrap yourself around it. I had such an amazing time and a great turn out and I had no idea what to expect. It was such a great experience!

I welcomed a few new bloggers to my Preferred Reader program and I am SO excited to have them! I can’t wait to share this story with them! If you are still interested in becoming a part of this journey with me, check out the blog post below to find information on how to become a Preferred Reader. I promise you, it will be a fun journey 🙂

Although I’ve battled some unexpected doctor’s visits this last month as well as enough stress and anxiety to put me in a straight jacket, it’s been a good month and I really feel like I’m due for a vacation. So, with that being said, I’m going to do something that is really hard for me to do and I hope I just don’t have a sudden burst of inspiration while this happens, but I guess that’s what a pen and paper are for if it happens. I leave for Las Vegas Monday morning for a week with my lovely Mother. Our love for gambling and taking excursions together has evolved over the years and we are finally going back to the city we both love so much and this time we are going together! I am not taking my laptop; something I struggled with. I need to step away from all things considered “work” for a while. As much as I want to keep editing an adding things to Finders as well as getting into the heart of the third book, I really feel like I need to step away for a few days and just regroup. I need to find my “zen” again. I need to relax and just enjoy things for a while, not think about work, sales, tours, etc. I love it, I wouldn’t trade ANY of this for anything, but I also love and believe in a good vacation to clear your soul for a while. Everyone needs to go out and just live without regard for work for a while. Right now, I couldn’t be happier to be leaving for a few days and I cannot wait to have my Bloody Mary in my hand as I sit by the pool. My vacation actually started Tuesday night, when myself and my co-worker/friend Lindsay headed to Cleveland for an AWOLNATION concert; that’s a way to start a vacation. I’m definitely ready to lounge around and relax now though!

With that being said, this will probably be my last blog post until I return – but I should have some great pictures to share with you lovelies when I return.

I leave you with pics of my Wine and Sign. Thank you to all of you who came! You’re the best and your support means the world to me.

Oh yeah one more thing, in honor of those darn Wait boys and their Annual Fourth of July Party – there is a Kindle sale going on! Get a copy for only $2.99! Hide and Seek Her will also be coming to you on iBook and Nook platforms very soon!

Enjoy your Holiday!




This lady - this is Shay, she is the reason I went through with publishing. She was the first person to read the book, she was my confidant and is such a wonderful and amazing friend.
This lady – this is Shay, she is the reason I went through with publishing. She was the first person to read the book, she was my confidant and is such a wonderful and amazing friend.

My youngest nephew is also one of my favorite little fans
Tracy and little Ava are also huge staples in my life! Tracy is an amazing friend with the ability to always make me smile and push me to reach goals, and Ava (although tired in the photo) is a sweetheart!

IMG_0646[1] IMG_0645[1]

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