Rough editing and keeping your chin up…and some “Finders” insight.

Hello again 🙂

I am writing this blog in regards to the errors in Hide and Seek Her. I’m doing this because I know the errors are there and no one, I repeat NO ONE is more upset or bothered by it than I am.

When I sit down to write, I pay no attention to anything other than trying to get my fingers to type as fast as my mind is working. I need to get the thoughts out before I lose them. There’s a very good quote by Hemingway that states “write drunk, edit sober” and it resonates deeply with me, mainly because I don’t edit unless I am one hundred percent sober and finished with my work. Once I edit, I ship off my story to someone else to edit, and guess what? Even the world’s best editor might make a mistake.

I was so anxious about getting my first book out there after six years of drowning myself inside of it that I didn’t choose the best editor, I didn’t research the best editing companies or software, and that is my fault. Thankfully, my publisher resubmitted a “cleaned up” and re-edited version to the printer but I did sell quite a few copies before that happened.

If you received your copy in the first printing with tons of mistakes, I am sorry.

Even the re-edited copy has mistakes, I am sorry again.

Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you how sick I was about the mistakes, the misspelled words, or the grammatical errors. I was literally anxiety ridden over it because I know how cruel some people can be. I for one hate errors in a book when I am reading, but I understand how and why they happen. I understand that as humans we are bound to make errors. I tend to look past the errors in a story if the story can still successfully captivate me, and I hope that my story still captivates you regardless of the errors.

I want to send a huge thank you to the recent reviewers who are all people I do not know and are being unbelievable kind even though there are errors. They point them out BUT they still give the book a fair rating based on the STORY and not just the fact that things may be spelled wrong, and for that I am beyond grateful. I appreciate those people because they reaffirm my decision to go with a better editor for the sequel and they also help me feel a lot better about the situation. So thank you. I wish I could do something for each and every one of you. I wish I could take you out to dinner and personally thank you for not ripping me to shreds because I spelled something wrong. I know there will come a time when I will receive some really bad, negative reviews in regards to grammar, but those of you who have been kind and yet still fair and honest will make those negative thoughts a lot easier to take.

So I shouldn’t let the small things bother me but I am the kind of person who dwells on those small things until they become a hurricane of negativity. I’m working on this, I am working on me, and I am working on trying to get Finders as close to perfection as I can before it’s released.

Speaking of Finders, I will say that it is coming together really beautifully…in a tragic sort of way.

There’s a lot of “stuff” happening to certain characters. I cannot wait for you to see inside of Jackson’s mind or inside of Riley’s for that matter, and the best part is…you will be able to see inside of them because it is written from several character’s POVs, which is something I didn’t know how to approach. It took me a while to decide to do this because I’ve read a lot of books who jump back and forth with POVs and it can sometimes be really confusing and hard on the reader. Colleen Hoover and Neal Shusterman are two authors who do this fantastically with no error. Colleen can execute different character’s thoughts and tie them in with each other so well that it’s almost heartbreaking. She’s phenomenal and very influencing. Neal does a great job of giving you insight to other character’s thoughts while still continuing the story and not back peddling a million times to try to fill the reader in on things he or she might have missed along the way. Deciding to write Finders with more that just Charlotte’s POV radiating through the book was a thought that crept up on me. Originally, Jackson was going to be more of a ghost than anything in Hide and Seek Her but I felt that I couldn’t execute his portrayal properly unless I spoke from his mind just a little bit; hence the prologue and epilogue were born. I planned on stopping there and ending the book with Charlotte’s thoughts and then going straight to the Epilogue, but as a reader and a lover of other characters as well as main ones, I really wanted people to know what Vance was feeling. I wanted readers to better understand him, I wanted to fill the reader in on something that Charlotte had no idea of. I’m glad I made that choice. And now, six months later, I am glad I went in and re-wrote parts of the sequel from other character’s POVs. Jackson, Riley, Vance, and Charlotte all speak openly throughout book two, and I cannot wait for you to learn more about each of these people.

So in conclusion; if you have read or plan to read my book and the errors drive you crazy, I hope they don’t hinder the story for you. If they do – then please note that it breaks my heart more than it will ever break yours but at this point I cannot really do much about it. I can’t wait for book two to be completely DONE and I can’t wait for you to read it.

For those wondering; my vacation was good. It was fun and much needed but I did lose most of my money playing slots. It happens, but I had fun doing it.

Back to the real world now though. Shipping out books left and right for bloggers and reviews, so if you are expecting one from me it is on it’s way!

Have a great rest of your week; I leave you with Hemingway.

Muah – Hay


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