Summer Reads

First off I want to apologize for being absent for a while. I wish I had some awesome reason but I don’t. I’ve spent all of my free time completely engrossed with Book Two and I’m happy to report you’ll see it in December!

This blog post is a little different than my others. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite reads from May through now. I forget how much I like to read until I sit down and actually do it. It was a nice break for me when I was having a hard time deciding where to go next with Finders. I don’t believe in writer’s block and I’ve said that before, but there were a few weeks where I just had to walk away from my story and my characters. I spent over six years creating these characters, falling in love with them and then basically becoming obsessed with them. I needed a vacation from them especially when I knew how involved books two and three are with some of them. I took a couple of trips this summer and took some reads with me along the way. I needed to remind myself how much I loved reading and somewhere on a plane from Cleveland to Vegas or Columbus to Milwaukee I think I remembered.

So here are the books I read and re-read over the summer. Some of these books I am actually reading right now. THIS IS NOT A REVIEW. These are just what I surrounded myself with over the summer.

Ugly Love – by Colleen Hoover

I am a large CoHo fan and I will stand by that until I die. She’s brilliant. I’m not the biggest love story fan but the way she writes makes me appreciate romance, especially THIS type of romance. Ugly Love was definitely one of my favorite reads, mostly because I wanted to figure out what the hell happened in the past and what was going on in the present. It was beautifully written, I love Tate and Miles, I loved Miles, and I loved Cap. That opening line of the story was enough to suck me in and keep my attention all the way through. It’s heartbreaking, it’s heartwarming, and it’s fantastic.

Confess –by Colleen Hoover

Since we’re talking about CoHo I’ll just go right into Confess. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I just knew that the cover was beautiful and there were pictures inside. PICTURES. YES. Confess was much different than Ugly Love and for that I was beyond impressed. Sometimes I feel like Author’s are soooo good at writing within a certain genre that they refuse to stray from that genre or try anything else. Their stories then all sound similar. THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT. There are authors who are so damn good at what they do that it doesn’t matter, but when an Author can write another story that still fits within her genre or style but make it completely different than others; that is talent. Confess was beautiful and tragic. Confess actually had me saying things like “shit” or “oh no” out loud. I ate this book for breakfast. I read it in one day. It was awesome. I loved the not knowing, I loved Owen Gentry so damn much and I also felt like I was reading about very REAL people. People I could pass on the street or sit next to in a restaurant. CoHo is so good at developing characters who fit into typical people you see everyday. This was one of my top reads of the summer.

Marrow – by Tarryn Fisher

Tarryn Fisher is my type of Author. I like dark books. I have always had an odd relationship with Stephen King, even when I was little. I craved his stories and film adaptations. Sometimes, adults perceive that as weird especially when a young person wants to review The Stand for a book review. I have a thing for Authors who dabble in the dark and unusual places. I’m not a huge romance girl unless there is some serious suspense involved. I like dark, I like twisted, I like scary. I LOVED MARROW. I can’t even. That’s how I would describe it. I can’t even. Tarryn Fisher is one of the most amazing writers and people I have ever stumbled upon. She is just awesome. The fact that her and Colleen Hoover are good friends and paired up to write the Never Never series together makes me that much more of a fan of both of them. Marrow is dark and a not for someone who likes to sit down and read Nicholas Sparks novels and watch Gone with the Wind. Marrow is also probably the most up to date book about the type of world we live in. It combines murder, justice, drugs, hypocrisy, love, instability and wraps it all together in the most perfect little package. I really wish I could go into detail but this isn’t a review, it’s a post about books I read that YOU should read. I don’t think I could sum Marrow up into review. It’s the most intense read I’ve enjoyed in a long time, and the most enjoyable…YES enjoyable.

The Shining – by Stephen King

Yes. Speaking of dark, the dark lord of writing will forever hold my heart. I re-read The Shining on a sunny day while I drank Busch Light and laid in my grass. Just an all around good time. I will never ever tire of King. I needed to allow myself to read one of his works because I needed to remind myself that it was okay where I went with my own work. I know it’s a lot darker than my first novel and some people won’t understand, but there’s people who didn’t understand King either, and he’s a freaking legend. I will always keep a place in my heart for this guy.

I am currently working on On the Road by Jack Kerouac and I recently picked up the Love me with Lies series (The Opportunist, Dirty Red, and Thief) by Tarryn Fisher.

I have to be in the mood for Kerouac and right now, unfortunately that mood is still on a plane somewhere. I like to read him when I’m travelling, I started this book while waiting for a flight in Chicago and I haven’t picked it up since my plane landed. Give me time, I’ll dive back in.

Tarryn Fisher – duh, again. LOVE the first novel in the series and I’m ingesting it day by day. It’s wonderful. Much different than Marrow but still nice and dark!

I’d recommend these books to anyone, but they’re not for everyone. I’ve learned a lot from bloggers and instagramers and that is this; just because someone plugs a book and tells everyone how good it is, or it gave them the “feels” it might not be for you. I’ve started several books based on reviews and plugs on social media, only to find out that they’re not for me. I stick to what I like to read and what I know I like, but I’m willing to try something new or something that I might have overlooked before. Not everyone is going to like Marrow. Not everyone is going to be happy with Ugly Love. Not everyone is going to understand Stephen King. But I do. I love books that test boundaries or aren’t afraid to touch base on subjects that some people shake their heads at. These several books have earned places of respect among my shelves. I love them all.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It wasn’t a review, it was just an update. If you want to check these books out, please do. They’re all very worth it. I hope your summer reading was just as wonderful as my own!

Love – Hay

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