Book two is coming

It’s Sunday.

I feel like I’ve been going non-stop for days, maybe even weeks. I’m not complaining, I’m far from complaining, I’m just ready to relax.

I’m going to spend my day playing Donkey Kong on my Nintendo 64 because I can.

Book two is being edited. It’s being edited by a wonderful human whom I could trust with just about anything. It’s also being read by three very important people that I hold close to my heart and I know their opinions will be truthful. I’m so excited to hear their reactions.

Finishing this book was emotional for me and I think you’ll understand why when you read it. I’m not going to give anything away I’m just going to warn you; it ain’t always pretty.

After I finished I decided I needed s little time away from these characters. I need time to wind down from book two before I jump back into three and get the ball rolling. I need to let the story simmer and the characters rest. It’s given me some time to focus on a standalone I’m working on that’s very different from this series, but it’s something I’m excited about.

Book two will be headed your way in December. I’ve got an amazing cover designer, a formatter, and one hell of a good team standing behind me and I feel way more excited this time around.

Happy Sunday you little bibliophiles.


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