A day in the life

I’m a ball of nerves right now. My nerves are being nervous because I’ve got a lot of stuff I’m excited about, and a lot of stuff I’m scared about, going on. In one month, I’m planning to release Finders Keep Her. I’m beyond ready to share Vance, Charlotte, Riley, and Jackson’s stories with all of you, but I’m nervous because releasing my characters out into the wild always makes me nervous. I’m nervous because despite what any writer will tell you, I care what people think. I want the story and the characters to be loved, but I also know there are many parts that will be hated. Yikes. You’ve been warned.

I’ve spent the last two months dreading November because my calendar and planner are overflowing with dates and times, deadlines and expectations. As much as I’ve been dreading it, I’ve also been so excited to see it through because after it’s over, book two is ready to say “hey” to you all.

I had the idea for this blog because of a reader and her kind words and thoughts. I’ll tell you more about her in a minute, but basically, I had a really busy, awful, and draining day and she made my whole outlook change in a second by just a couple of kind thoughts. So here’s a breakdown of the day I had, followed by what she did that just made me realize one thing; I love what I do.

(I’m not complaining about my life here. I’m just trying to give you some insight on my schedule.)

I wake up at 4:45 most days for work. I eat, shower, get ready, and drive a half hour to my job. I’m not complaining. This routine has become something I’ve settled into and I’m at work by 7:15 most days, unless I get caught behind a school bus and I usually swear when that happens.

I work until 11:30 and I eat lunch and do book related things, like ship books at the post office or work on finalizing corrections, cover stuff, and I get back to people that I need to.

I work until 5:30 most days, and I’m tired, drained and have to drive a half hour home in the dark now because of Daylight Savings. I come home, play with the dog and take him on a walk/run, cook dinner, do laundry, and clean up. I’m upstairs by 9 most nights and that’s when I open the laptop and get to typing. I usually write for an hour or two unless I’m on a bender, in which case I can’t stop writing and I have to force myself to sleep around 1. The aftermath of this is usually espresso which keeps me going until about 2:00 pm the following day. Thank God I have Wednesdays and weekends off or I might just die.

On the day I read Ashleigh’s kind words, I had a particularly bad day. My allergies were in full swing and I had woken up even earlier that morning to start laundry so I could fold it after work. My day at work was one of those days where I couldn’t dig myself out of the hole I was working in. Every time I thought I had a minute to catch up on something, something else happened. I felt like I was falling behind and I HATE that feeling. I had to get groceries after work and my head hurt so bad by the time I left, so I was just a grumpy human being at that point. I came home and made dinner, finished laundry, did all my regular things, and thought seriously about crying (I just had one of those days), but ended up checking Instagram and finding such kind comments from Ashleigh regarding Hide and Seek Her . I still wanted to cry, but out of happiness.

Ashleigh is from England and I want to fly over there and give her a hug. No really…I’ve considered it. She is probably one of those people that life gives you for a reason…yeah, I think that would sum it up. She’s a book lover and a reader who gives her two cents about books and is really good at expressing her feelings about books, without giving too much up. So here I am, suffering from bad day syndrome, and I stumble upon a few posts she made on Instagram about my characters, quotes, etc. She then went on to say how much she enjoyed the book. I realized she went through all of this trouble to make these little book “teasers” and use my quotes in them, and it made me so happy. Happy isn’t even the right word, maybe ecstatic? I was so grateful for her in that moment, because it made everything I was dwelling on from earlier in my day, seem like NOTHING at all. Strangers have the possibility and the potential to cheer us up, and that to me, is the most amazing gift we posses as humans. So thank you Ashleigh (again), for being kind. Thank you for loving books and my for loving my book. Thank you for making me feel better by just a simple photo and caption on your Instagram page.

My day wasn’t that bad after all. It could be so much worse, everything in life could be so much worse, but I was just having one of those moments. Those moments are easily replaced by the happiness we place in stranger’s hands and the happiness they place in ours.

So here’s where you can find Ashleigh. Show her some love, because she is a human who deserves it.



PS more of Finders Keep Her, coming very soon. xox


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