I’m writing this post from my phone. There will probably be a lot of errors, for which I’ll blame auto correct. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I said I was going to post more blogs so here we go.

I’m currently working on scene rewrites for my next book, and I’m struggling. I’m struggling because there are things I want to cut and things I want to add, but balancing those things is proving to be hard. This book, Every Pane of Glass, is far different than the series you’ve already heard of. It’s deep and dark, and also very lovable, at least that’s how I see it. Trying to balance the depth of the story along with the light that I’m trying to shed, has proven to be difficult sometimes. I’m a firm believer that if something starts sounding like shit…then that’s probably how it’s going to read to everyone. I want this story to be exactly what I want it to be before I release it into the world. I want this story to mean as much to readers as it does to me, so I’m willing to take my time with tying up these loose ends.

To be fair, I haven’t said much about this book. You know the title and that it’s different than other works, but that’s about as much as you know. The story centers around a girl named Val, who has returned home after a near decade long hiatus. Throughout the story, she recollects growing up in a small town and her reasons for leaving so abruptly. She also starts an unlikely friendship with a local photographer who teaches her to see the world differently and encourages her to put herself back together, despite the broken pieces she’s lost along the way. Although her reasons for leaving turn out to be dark and painful, she learns that there is always a light, even in the dimly lit corners of the world. The book’s tagline is simple; Be thoughtful of the broken, be cautious of the breaking, be grateful for the whole. 

After this book is released, I’ll focus more on book three in the HASH series. To answer a few questions on it; no it is not finished and lying around waiting. It’s in process. I’ve said it before, ending this series will be bittersweet for me. It does not yet have a title, but there are several strong contenders. There have been questions on whether or not there will be “spin offs” for certain characters. My answer is simple; I don’t know. I would like to entertain that thought but it’s not something I’ll ever decide to do willingly. Writing doesn’t come like that for me. I respect the writers who can do that, but my ideas hit me and I roll with it. So if Riley, or Jackson ever get spin offs, it will be the direct result of a bought of inspiration. 

So for now-I’m going to continue to revel in the fact that you all love my first two books as much as you do, and give myself some time to get book three tied up. I’ll be spending the next month or two focusing on EPoG and all the feelings that come with that. 

I’m going on a mini vacation to a cabin in the woods for a few days this week. I’m hoping to lock myself in the silence and write more, and also spend some much needed time away from life with Ross. I keep thinking about Secret Window and Misery though. Stephen King is never too far from my mind, you know. Hopefully our trip isn’t like either of those stories.

More information on EPoG within the month. Head over to the ARCs section of my website if you’re interested in receiving an advanced copy. 



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