The world will soon know about Devilers.


So remember how I made a resolution to post more blogs this year? Yeah, well that didn’t happen, but I have a good excuse.

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on my third novel, and two minutes ago I sent it to my editor. It’s done. Granted, there will be editing corrections and beta feedback, but for the most part it is done. A huge part of me is relieved while another part of me sits in the corner and rocks back and forth. This tale is vastly different from my two other works, and I want to say this one more time before going much further. *THIS IS NOT THE FINAL INSTALLMENT OF THE HIDE AND SEEK HER SERIES. THIS IS NOT THE FOLLOW UP TO FINDERS KEEP HER. EVERY PANE OF GLASS IS A NOVEL. A STANDALONE. IT FEATURES A DIFFERENT PLOT AND NEW CHARACTERS. THERE IS NOTHING THAT CONNECTS IT TO MY TWO OTHER BOOKS.**

I’m not yelling, I just want to make sure we are all on the same page. I know you want book three, but I want to end that series the right way and I needed a little break from it, mmkay?

I am fully exhausted right now. I’m recovering from bronchitis and also slightly neurotic over finishing this story. You can learn more about this tale under the “Works” tab above. Scroll down to “About Every Pane of Glass” for the synopsis. My mind feels like it is about to explode and part of me feels like these characters I just finished writing are as real as my dog is who is lying next to me. This tale hit home.

I have the cover ready and I am hoping for a May release, but I’m not ready to share it all with you quite yet. Before I share it anywhere, I’ll post it on my private Facebook group first. If you want to see the cover reveal before it’s public, you can join us over there. Here’s the link –

Well, that’s really all I have for now. I’m celebrating my typing of “The End” with a Z-pack and a cherry coke. I’ll properly toast to this chapter of my life later, when I release this book for you all to read. Please don’t judge me. It’s the most adult thing I’ve ever written in my life.

Love and good things – xox



P.S. Just to clarify the word Devilers…you’ll understand it more when you read Every Pane…let’s just say locals is too boring of a word for me, and Devilers just have more fun.

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