Be kind…rewind

This is something I came across from wayyyyy back in the day…and I feel as though it needs to be shared.


Just a quick little snippet/thought I would like to share for anyone who may be doubting themselves. Don’t let people make you feel unworthy of anything. Spread love not hate. And remember; if people want to speak ill about you to others…you obviously impact their life in such a way that they can’t stop thinking about you! 🙂


“I will not allow someone to make me feel bad about my choices in this life. I harness the power to create anything I want. It can be perceived as beautiful, or a burning pile of trash, but it is still mine to create and important to me.  Allowing someone to belittle my creations, is human nature, but stepping around it and walking by those types of people with my middle finger in the air, will remain my choice. Just as it was my choice to create it all along.

I am not stupid. If you are going to offer support, make sure your support comes with the purest of intentions and kindness in your heart, otherwise, it will be seen through. If you have ulterior motives, I invite you to exit my life swiftly. I only embrace positive energy and good vibes, and I have no room for negativity or bullies. I don’t play that game. Good like finding someone who does.

Be kind to people. Be kind to yourself first, because that is the only way in which you will learn to spread that kindness across oceans. Just because you don’t understand the love for something that is found in another person’s heart, does not give you the advantage or the right to spit on it. We are all doing the best we can. Some of us struggle and some of us obtain things with ease. Some of us believe in things that others find wasteful or dumb. Your choices and your passion for something are your own, and you are allow to believe in them with your whole heart.  Remember that. Remember that your cruelness and kindness will come back to you someday, in some form or another. What we put out into the world always returns to us. Be careful and be true. Keep your heart open and your intentions pure. Do what you LOVE and don’t you dare let anyone make you feel inferior.”


I think I needed to find this. Thanks universe.

XOX, Hayley

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