Burn out the day. Burn out the night. 

Sometimes, we all feel not good enough. Not good enough to hang with the cool kids, or not good enough to play on the same team. That feeling of being unworthy starts out young, and usually festers as we grow. We see it sometimes, and other times we are brave and forget about it. But it’s always there, looming. Waiting. 

I am not good enough to be on the team.  I once thought I was, but I was wrong. Maybe if I was bigger, bolder, richer, greater, more talented, more known, more serious, more awesome, more desired, more inspiring, more fun, or worth more than I am, then maybe I would be in the big leagues. But I’m not. (And I don’t think I want to be there anyway.)

I am not sad about this and I am not feeling sorry for myself, I just thought I should share my thoughts in case someone is feeling the same way. Don’t ever let the dimness of your light, cause you to be scared of the dark. You burn regardless of how bright you shine. Some of the most beautiful spectacles, are only ever sparks. 

I’m nowhere near what some consider awesome, but I’m happy where I am. 

If you are one of the great, don’t forget where you started. Don’t forget about the quiet minds and the voices of those that once whispered confident thoughts in your ear. Don’t blow them out because they can know longer guide you. 

To those of you feeling like you’ve been doused with water, and your flame is dwindling, don’t stop burning. Someone out there holds you and everything you stand for, high.

Make relationships, not connections. 

And burn the fuck on. 


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