Welcome to the world, Every Pane of Glass

Well….it released, and I’m still alive.

Self-publishing my third novel has been the most insane ride I have been on so far. I can’t tell you that it gets easier each time, although it does get a little more self-explanatory.

For the first time since releasing a book, I was oddly at ease. Normally I’m a mess of nerves, but I was actually okay this time around, and I think it is because I didn’t expect too much, and above all else, I am more than happy with the turnout of this story. Regardless to what happens with it, I am the proudest I have ever been about something I have written.

I love Val. I love Anderson. And I love that creepy little Jordan.

Thank you to those of you who have supported me through this journey. I can’t really shout out to you enough. There has been such an overwhelming amount of reaction to this book versus HASH and FKH and I blame all you bloggers, readers, friends, and lovers of words for that. Without your support and the kind things you have said and done for me and this story, I’d probably be nowhere. No….I would be. Thank you a million times over.

I’ve happily gotten to know some pretty awesome people lately, and if you’re looking for fantastic reads and honest reviews, check out Reader with a Plan and 3 Fictional Hearts blogs. They both come HIGHLY recommended! I’m in awe of Steph and Briana, and their continued support and friendship.

Then there’s this book trailer that was made by Cynthia Rodriguez and later posted on Booktease. Son of a bitch, just rip my heart out and make me bleed. If this book were a movie, it’d look something like this. 🙂 https://www.instagram.com/p/BGHtVOhpFzQ/?taken-by=haystumbo

It’s been a very fast and crazy day, but I’m humbled by every single person who has reached out to me. I’ll do my absolute best to respond to every single one of you and know that you have all made me the happiest person in the world today.

Oh yeah…book three in the HASH series has a title. So I’m going to tell you that Lose Her Reap Her will be coming someday soon. Along with something else. Something crazy.

And also…I thought I was done with Devil Town…but I’m not sure. Jordan is a tap, tap, tapping on my chamber door. ‘Tis only a thought…but alas, nevermore.






Lots of XOX right now.




One thought on “Welcome to the world, Every Pane of Glass

  1. I am not saying you HAVE to write more about Devil Town but…. you kind of have to! Especially with your Poe reference! Thank you for the shout out! You are a great author and I really respect you for your bravery in putting yourself out there! Never stop because now I expect more books from you… Perhaps like 10 more for Devil Town but no pressure!! You’re amazing!!


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