A thousand “thank yous” are not enough

Almost a week ago, I shared Every Pane of Glass with you. Almost a week’s worth of meals, sleeps, showers, and conversations. It’s been one of the longest weeks of my life. It’s also been one of the most touching.

I want to extend a thank you to every single person who has reached out to me, or even simply liked a Facebook post. This has been the most rewarding release I’ve experienced, and I’m not talking about rewarding from a financial standpoint. I’m talking about rewarding in the form of strangers making me cry by their kind words and compliments. Rewarding along the lines of people congratulating me at the grocery store. Rewarding along the lines of family members and friends offering their thoughts on my writing and my continuous drive to never stop. All of those things make me richer than I could be in terms of money. I’m rich in love and support, and that is worth more than gold to me.

I might not have fifty reviews on the sites that matter most to writers. I might not be well known, or even known enough to have my name dropped somewhere. I might not be worth a second thought to someone scanning new releases on their tablet. But I’m here to stay. I’m at first, a writer, and whether or not people believe in me or don’t, I believe in me and I believe I bleed in inky tones. There are stories in my heart I have to tell, some of which are coming much sooner than I expected. There are thoughts in my head that ripple through me during the day, and I know before long they’ll have a word document dedicated to themselves, too. For as long as I have ideas, I’ll write. For as long as I believe in myself, I’ll write. To be honest, I believe in myself more than ever, in a very non egotistical way. 

And for the people who believe in me, too…I can’t thank you enough. A million hugs and appreciative words wouldn’t be enough from me to you. I read every message you send me, and I love every comment. You have made me feel like maybe this isn’t just a silly idea in my head. You’ve given me confidence when others wanted to take it from me. You’ve given me love and support and most of you are complete strangers.

I owe you a chunk of my heart, and it’s the part that beats like a drum. I’d have no rhythm if it wasn’t for you.

I love you all. I love this. I love words. And more than anything else, I love that the few of you who believe in me, have taken away the doubt that I feared I’d swim through forever. 

Thank you. I write for me, but I’ll continue to do it for you. 


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