Book three, FAQs

Book 3

AKA; Lose Her Reap Her…is slowly but surely coming.

Lately I’ve been asked a lot of questions regarding this book and rather than respond to the same question over and over, I thought it might be fun to take all those questions and answer them here! I promise no spoilers, and if you’ve read the first two, then anything you’re about to read, will make perfect sense. These questions were received via email, Instagram, and Facebook.

When is book three coming out?

I wish I could give you an exact date, but I can’t. Let’s say I’m aiming for a fall/winter release and that is if everything goes as planned, which means if I’m happy with the story and ready to release it.

Is Riley okay?

If you read Finders Keep Her in its entirety, then you know by the end of that book, that Riley is indeed alive. “Okay” is kind of a broad word. I don’t think he’s necessarily okay after having his femur smashed and his back sliced open, buttttt, he’s not dead. The Riley in book three, specifically the beginning of the story, is much more quiet and subdued than the Riley you were used to in the first two books. But he is still breathing.

What character’s perspective is book three told from?

Vance, Jackson, and Riley mainly. Charlotte is pretty much non-existent in the third book, for about three quarters of it at least. But hey, if you were kidnapped you wouldn’t be able to tell a story either!

Will there be another book after the third, or is it the end?

Hide and Seek Her has always been a three part series. I have no intention of continuing this story, and although I feel like people will want more with how it ends (sorry not sorry), I really feel like it will be over. That being said, I have toyed with the idea of writing a novella about Riley, and what his life was like either prior to the start of the Hide and Seek Her series, or a few years after it all ends. It’s on the back burner right now, but it’s bubbling.

Do Charlotte and Vance end up together or do one of them die?

Wouldn’t you like to know.

Who has been your favorite character perspective to write from?

I would have originally said Riley, because he is just an all around good guy, and maybe seven or eight years ago when this was all just starting, that would have been my answer, but it no longer holds true. I’ve come to find that I’m attracted to darkness, more so the older I get. I’ve always been a little off when it comes to what interests me. I like fear and being scared. I like the odd things in life. Conspiracies, mysteries, and folktales, and I have an odd fascination with bad guys. That being said, Jackson has been an incredible villain to get to know. And I really love creating his psyche.

When book three comes out, can we purchase the series in a set?

I hope to be able to offer than option. Book 1 will also be reissued prior to that option going into effect.

Can you give us any hints about what happens in book three?

Hmmm. I guess so. I will tell you that it is the darkest and shortest of all the books. It focuses a lot on what lengths Jackson goes to, to make sure Charlotte stays with him, and it also focuses on what lengths Vance would go to, to essentially save her. The characters have grown a lot since you last heard from them. Jackson is starting to slip which makes him edgy and nervous. Vance has let love interfere with his no-nonsense attitude and so he’s a lot more soft when it comes to how he approaches things. Riley, as mentioned before, is more subdued and his whole near death experience, has aged him in general. And Charlotte has a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome.

People die. There’s more than one death in this book, because that’s life. Yes…not all life is depressing, there are some good and happy moments in the story, but I write for the odd. I don’t cheer for the bad guy, but I embrace his belief that he isn’t bad at all. Villains tend to think of themselves as heroes, and heroes tend to think of themselves as normal people. Jackson has a view about himself that is fun to write, and it is also captivating to me. Because of that factor alone, the book is darker. Charlotte is basically being held against her will, and that’s a scary topic in itself. So the darkness of this book, masks the first two.


I hope that these questions do not ruin book three for any of you. Trust me when I say, that as soon as book three is ready to roll, you will all know. I know you’re ready for it now…but good things come to those who wait. I promise to give you something good.


Take care,




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