I like to warn you when things are coming your way…so you have been warned.

The next few months you will notice some changes with the website. I apologize if there are days where the website is down for a little while, but it will be getting revamped and rebooted, and you’ll see a new logo and all new features in September! So please bear with me as I implement some of these new features and get to know the site more!

There’s a lot of things happening right now and a lot of things to get ready for! October is approaching fast and I have a multi-author signing coming up in Columbus. I’m also knee deep in two projects, one that I hope to surprise you with this year. Forgive me if I don’t blog as much as I’d hope to these next few weeks, I promise to come back to you!

I would like to point out that to anyone trying to achieve some type of goal or dream…do not, under any circumstances let someone talk you out of it, or think they have any right to tell you how to dictate achieving it. You WILL succeed and you WILL see all things through. If you maintain that attitude, no goal is unattainable and no dream is too cloudy. It’s a problem when people who aren’t cheering for you, tell you how to go about your life. Do not let them. Keep you head up and your heart on. I’m not saying you should ignore your friends, family, life, or anything like that…not at all, but it is okay to make yourself happy. The negativity of one person will still not outweigh the positivity of thousands. Keep kicking ass.

This is short and sweet, but I’ve got a few more things to tie up this evening and a week to start. See you all soon!




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