Fireworks and small talk because I’m wasting time…

I’ll start this blog with my July 4th promo. Last year, I lowered the price of Hide and Seek Her in honor of Vance and Riley’s party. This year, I decided to take it one step further. So…today only, you can get book two in the HASH series for free. Book one is still and always 99 pennies. I’m not doing this for any reason other than to say thank you to the readers, bloggers, friends, and fans who love both of these stories so hard. It’s my way of spreading my words for free, because all I ever wanted was to tell stories. So happy July 4th indie book world, and I hope you like my tale.

I am currently ankles deep in book three. I’m also working on Gumshoe. I don’t usually work on two things at once because I like to focus as much of my thoughts into one work versus getting my wires cross and trying to tell two separate stories at the same time. But Jackson and Riley have been bothering me a lot this last week, and I solely blame fireworks, barbecues, and Americana everything. It just reminds me of book one so much and I feel like going back to Locke’s Point for a while.

So, with all my jumble of words, I’m letting you know that so far I’ve spent my 4th of July playing ball with my dog and writing. Writing furiously. Writing like there is no end in sight. Writing now even, when I give myself a break from it…I still apparently turn to blogging.

So….I guess what this really means is maybe book three is much closer than we all thought. Insert shocking face emoji here.

Jackson…is that you making all that racket or are those just more fireworks?



xox Hayley

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