You suck at this


I hate spam. Not the spam that filters my inbox or clogs up my junk folder, although I hate that, too. But the canned ham type of spam. The kind with the yellow writing that says SPAM. I hate the way it looks, and the way it smells. The taste could truly end my life. One bite and I’ll be dead. Poison, slowly pulling me under. The end.

But not everyone hates SPAM. Some people crave it. And now at my mention of it, they’ll likely go fry some up. All they can’t think about is that deliciousness sliding down their throat. I’m not one of them, but I understand the love some have for SPAM, which brings me to this;

I’m not going to dog on you for liking SPAM. In fact, I’m slightly envious that you’ve developed a taste for something that I don’t like. Your love and encouragement of SPAM makes me want to try it again. Maybe I’ll like it now that I’m older. Maybe if I eat with ketchup, or mustard! Yeah…mustard. Maybe then it will be okay. 

Or maybe not. 

I might still hate it. As you savor every bite and tell your friends about how good it is, I’ll still wonder what is wrong with me because I really don’t like it. 

But it doesn’t matter.

Because what’s right for me, may not be right for you.

And what I like is up to me. You can have all the SPAM you want, and I’ll still support that for you. Because it doesn’t matter. We’re all entitled to like what we want, and dislike what we want. There are no rules. There are no problems with loving the shit out of something that no one else likes. There’s also no problems with hating it.

Point to be made; just because I hate SPAM, doesn’t meant I’m going to go and criticize it at every chance I get. I’m not going to talk about it negatively, or gag at people who tell me they love it. Nope. Not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent. 

No I’m not talking about SPAM. I’m talking about putting yourself out there and getting told you suck. Getting a shit review on the Internet by someone who you don’t even know. Getting told your work is disappointing or boring. Having someone cut it down with their Sha-lay-Lee stick and tell you how bad you are. Telling others who like it, that they’re blind. I mean really, how could someone like something you hate? How is that even possible! Is this real life?

Yes. Yes it is. 

But at least I’m willing to create something and allow myself to be judged for it. Most people clam up at the thought. It’s a scary thing letting the world see your soul. It’s even scarier when people only point out the bad. But for every dislike there is also a like, and so on and so on.

Don’t forget that. Create something worth being judged over, and when you get critiqued, stick around and make them wonder why you’re smiling. 



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