What’s happening???


So I’m just going to cut right to the chase here. It’s been a crazy few days, and I’ve never felt more tired than I do right now. With that being said, I want to tell you all why Hide and Seek Her is currently unavailable for sale in print. Don’t worry, it’s coming back soon.

About ten days after my book was published last May, I knew I wanted it reissued. It was littered with errors that I thought had been edited thanks to an agreement and service I paid for through my then publishing company, Empire Publishing. Beyond that, the spacing, formatting, fonts, etc were way way off from what I thought it was going to be. I came to find out much later that the services I paid for were things that were not handled properly by someone who claims to be one of the “best” self publishers on the internet. I learned the hard way that there are sneaky snakes in the publishing world. I was charged thousands of dollars for Hide and Seek Her to be edited and printed. I could be okay with that BUT it wasn’t edited and I was charged for services I never received, and I was also charged for “extensive formatting” when I asked to make the book available in the iTunes store. I found out later that the type of formatting for iTunes, is an easy push of the button task that MOST formatters include in your bill anyway…not worth hundreds of dollars on top of what I already paid.I felt cheated. Lied to. Used. Broken.

I was promised book blog tours and marketing, and all I received was a few Facebook posts and that was about it. I’m all about paying for a service IF that service is provided fairly and in a timely fashion. When it’s not…I get mad.

I’ve been mad lately.

After a year of waiting, I finally was able to go in and have the book re-edited, formatted, cover touched up, etc. This isn’t a problem because I own MY rights, but in order for me to properly and legally do this, I have to pull the current version of the book down until the second edition is up. A lot of this is due to the book’s security numbering (think of it as a fingerprint). My best option was to publish a brand new version of the book, so I am.

I’m sorry if you haven’t read it and wanted to, but it will be back soon, and trust me, it will look and READ so much better. I’ve been waiting for this reissue a long time and I’m happy that it is on my horizon. I’m doing this because I find it difficult to stand next to an unfinished product and pass it off as “great”. This is something I have waited a year to do, and thanks to a few wonderful people in my life, I can finally make that possible. (Elaine York, I’m looking at you here.)

As far as Empire goes…maybe they think they did nothing wrong, and this post is not meant as slander. They were kind to me, but after my book was published, I never heard too much from them ever again, although I didn’t suppose I would. When I asked for a re-upload of my file, it took quite some time to garner a response. When I asked about distribution to all platforms, it took WEEKS and I felt bad because I was told how much work it was for them, and now it’s something that takes me five minutes to upload. What can I say, you win some you lose some, and I definitely feel like I lost with them. But I won in a sense that I am finally going to have a book, my book, in my hands and have it be one that I can be proud of because it’s edited the way it should be and looks the way it should as well. **I do not want anyone causing slander to Empire’s name, but I do however, want all of my information pulled from their website. I do not want to be affiliated with a company that has made me feel used. I want it done and over with.**

So bear with me while I get my ducks in a row here. They’re lining up but it’s taking some time. I work a full time day job and this is something that has required a lot of researching and also a lot of time to do. I’m getting there, I promise.

As always, your support is greatly appreciated. I don’t know where I would be without the support of readers, bloggers, and other writers in the indie community. I almost gave up when I first ran into these problems a year ago. I almost threw in the towel, but I realized you either learn from your mistakes or you shovel through them and kick ass in round two. Empire was my mistake, but I will not let it happen again. That I promise you.

So…someday soon I’ll give you the second edition of my first book, the way it should have been, the first time around. Thank you all for being kind and being supportive. I cannot express my gratitude to each and every one of you.


Cheers and love,



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