The (food) Struggle is Real

Let's talk about food, dudes. The past four weeks I've been trying really hard to make solid decisions about my health and wellness, and all of these decisions are based solely on food. The first two weeks were incredible. I pounded through the headaches from sugar and caffeine withdrawal, and happily munched on fruits like … Continue reading The (food) Struggle is Real

Go Bananas Cocoa Bread

It's Fall, which means I'm on the hunt for warm, home cooked delicious meals and yummy treats. I woke up with a huge hankering for bananas and couldn't stop thinking about what I could make to satisfy that craving. I wanted something warm, and although I'm not the world's biggest banana nut bread fan, something … Continue reading Go Bananas Cocoa Bread

Five reasons you don’t meal prep. (Tips, tricks, and how to start!)

There are a ton of reasons why we meal prep. Some of us do it for convenience, while others do it to live a healthier, less processed food lifestyle. Some of us do it for a combination of both reasons, but whatever the reason you prep is, you're always going to have doubters or nay-sayers. … Continue reading Five reasons you don’t meal prep. (Tips, tricks, and how to start!)

Baked Blueberry Cinnamon Chip Breakfast Oatmeal

Breakfast is the hardest meal for me to prep, and the one meal I absolutely cannot skip.  If I skip breakfast, I'm hungry by ten and if I don't have any snacks with me, I start scavengering in the office looking for anything edible. I've always been a big overnight oat fan, or a breakfast … Continue reading Baked Blueberry Cinnamon Chip Breakfast Oatmeal

Loaded Veggie Pasta Bowls

Where the heck have I been?  I blinked and it was September. Let's be honest, I've had a rough August. Between my birthday, cookouts, family events, out of town girl's weekends and quick, last minute suppers, I haven't been living the lifestyle of food I normally do. But that's all about to change. I woke … Continue reading Loaded Veggie Pasta Bowls

Make Ahead Deconstructed Turkey Burrito Bowls

It's meal prep Sunday again!  It's the heart of summer in Ohio and the thought of a warm lunch is a hard pill for me to swallow. Lately, our lunches have consisted of a lot of summer squash, zucchini, and rice, but I'm a bit burnt out on the same old thing, and am jonesing … Continue reading Make Ahead Deconstructed Turkey Burrito Bowls

Make Ahead Quinoa Bowls

I don't like Quinoa. Or maybe I should say...I didn't like Quinoa. All the variations of it have never really given me much of a desire to eat it.'s one of the things I'm allowed to eat a lot of and not have any adverse reactions from according to the Endo Diet. So I … Continue reading Make Ahead Quinoa Bowls